Viivi & Wagner is a Finnish funny comic strip. It is drawn by Jussi "Juba" Tuomola. The main characters are Viivi, a young lady, and a piggy named Wagner. They’re in an odd relationship, unofficially though. Usually strips concern either arguments between Viivi and Wagner or Wagner getting into totally weird situations. Some medical inside jokes appear in the strips – this is because Juba’s old friend is a doctor. Viivi & Wagner is extremely popular in Finland. Viivi & Wagner is daily in Finnish newspapers. Viivi & Wagner albums and books have been sold over 1000.000 times. In 2009, Viivi & Wagner was presented in over 40 Finnish magazines and in 4 Internet releases. Viivi & Wagner has done some shows at theathers as well. In 2003, tha post center released stamp series about Viivi & Wagner, six of them were for Valentine’s Day. Queues in Juba’s events where he gives his signatures and sells his works tell about popularity. One fan fainted when he asked a signature from Juba. Viivi has been Finland’s most popular girls’ name in several years.

 Jussi “Juba” Tuomola

 Jussi’s profession is a drawer. Jussi’s most popular work is Viivi & Wagner. Jussi was born in Lahti, November 8th, 1965. Jussi studied at Turku’s compiler school. Jussi had been working as a cartoonist for over 20 years before he made Viivi & Wagner. Jussi has been awarded with Åboa – culture-reward, and he got Kordelin’s foundation –reward in 2004. Kordelin’s foundation - reward is given only to people who have contributed to Finnish culture: art, science, and literature.