Finnish Christmas

 We start celebrating Christmas on December 24th onChristmas Eve in memory of the birth of Jesus, but the right Christmas Day is on December 25th. Second Christmas day is called Boxing Day. The general colours of Christmas are green and red.

Finnish traditions:

In Finland we eat for Christmas dinner for example ham, rice porridge, fish dishes and casseroles. We have also different cakes, for example tarts and gingerbread. Finns have many Christmas traditions. The most common ones are sauna, the cemetery visit, reading Christmas gospel, Christmas carols and Christmas church. Of course Santa Claus, elves, gifts and Christmas tree are part of the traditional Christmas. Finnish Christmas decorations are usually straw decorations, one of these is himmeli. Every December people buy chocolate calendars.                                                                                                                                                      

 Christmas party

Christmas party is celebrated before the actual Christmas. It differs from the normal Christmas. It’s a much freer and less devotional. Finns start to taste Christmas food and some people take large amounts of alcohol. Many businesses and working places organize Christmas party.